Update: the long and winding road

I am pleased to report that State Sen. David Dutremble (D-Biddeford) has gone where few politicians go.

Just a short while ago, Dutremble commented on my Facebook page to concede his faux pas.

Randy, I don’t say this often but you are right!  I should have spoke with Rep. Casavant on my position first before answering any questions.  I have since done that and spoke and apologized to Rep. Casavant today for not calling him first!  Lessons Learned!

This, dear readers, is what we should expect from our leaders; the ability to stand up publicly and admit our errors. It’s called integrity, and Dutremble’s humility ought to be a benchmark for everyone who decides to serve in public office.

Somewhere, Babe Dutremble is smiling, knowing that his nephew is not perfect but has the courage and conviction necessary to hold the public trust.

Bravo, Senator Dutremble. Let’s put this one behind us and move forward to make Maine a better place to live, work and play.


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