cdmcommunicatio_1392834314_140“Over the last several years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Randy Seaver on a multitude of projects and have been consistently impressed with the dedication and passion he brings to the table.

“Randy is an innovative and strategic thinker. He is a team player who knows how to put plans to work, and how to deliver results for his clients. When I need a public relations professional, I always know that I can count on Randy’s experience and commitment.”

  – Bob Cott, former president, CD&M Communications


“Our company worked closely with Randy Seaver on two very important projects, both of which required a strategic approach and the ability to develop effective messaging that would resonate with the public.

Casella“Randy has a unique skill set in being able to connect with people and helping them understand complex projects. He was also able to develop high quality collateral materials, including fact sheets and informational packets for public use.

“I found Randy to be responsive to our needs and always ready to provide the strategic guidance we needed. His skills, combined with his enthusiasm and dedication to our goals, made him a valuable member of our team.”

— Brian Oliver, Region Vice President; Casella Waste Systems


MSA logo“Randy Seaver is no stranger to controversial projects, and he is very skilled in developing personal relationships that become assets in promoting community-based projects. He is comfortable on a stage or sitting at a kitchen table.

“Randy knows how to get his clients’ message across with professionalism while remaining unassuming and polite. In summary, he is an expert in gaining public trust.”

— Bob Meyers, executive director, Maine Snowmobile Association


Chamber logo“When the Chamber wanted outstanding media coverage and the presence of the governor at a historic community event, we relied upon the skills and expertise that Randy Seaver offers.

“The event was well-coordinated and went off without a hitch. The major media outlets were there and the governor took time out of his schedule to attend. It was a great day, and Randy played a professional and extraordinary role in making that happen for us.”

— Craig Pendleton, executive director, Biddeford-Saco Chamber of Commerce