Rules of the road

You can have the world’s most talented baseball team, but you’ll have a hard time winning any games if your players don’t understand or know the rules.

152831_5_It’s no different in politics.

In a democracy, we encourage open participation in the political process, but we also insist that candidates and their campaign teams adhere to a plethora of federal, state and local rules and regulations.

Do your campaign signs need a disclosure? How do you go about participating in Maine’s “clean election” fund? What reports must be filed, and when must they be filed? Can just anyone be your campaign treasurer?

It can be overwhelming, and that’s why you should consider having an experienced professional on your side.

Even with the best of intentions, it’s too risky to jump into the public arena without a solid understanding of the many laws and regulations that can derail your campaign.

Ignorance of the law is an inadequate defense, and it can cost you a lot more than an election victory. You could face serious fines and penalties, including jail time.

In a later post, we will discuss the separate issue of campaign ethics, but for now make sure your team knows the rules before you declare yourself as a candidate.

In the meantime, the following links provide valuable resources to candidates, campaign staffers and others who want to play for keeps in the public policy arena.

Your local city or town clerk’s office can also be a tremendous resource for you. Take advantage of these resources if you are remotely serious about winning your campaign.


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Randy Seaver is a former newspaper editor who works today as a professional strategic communications consultant and campaign strategist.

Mr. Seaver has successfully served as a campaign manager, communications director and field organizer on a wide variety of statewide referendum questions.

He also has proven experience in grassroots organizing for federal policy campaigns and running campaigns for candidates at the local level.


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