This page offers direct links to my favorite posts about political issues, including national, state and local political opinion and analysis.

I  cover hypocrisy, gun control, health care, global warming, economics and just about everything else that gets people all fired up. To see more on these topics, please use the Category links on this blog.

National Politics:

A crisis in our national discourse? Gimme a break

Rush Limbaugh & the Left’s Hypocrisy

Occupy this hypocrisy

Like a heat wave (global warming)

What’s the frequency, Kenneth? (Gay rights)

Why Obama will win & why he should lose

Maine Politics:

Angus King makes a splash

Let’s be independent together

We love dirty laundry

Gun Control:

The world beyond your front door

Janie’s got a gun

Roland, the headless gunner

Health Care:

I don’t wanna be right  (Is healthcare a right?)

Money for nothing

What do you think?

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