Save the fish or the fishermen?

Originally published in the Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier, October 2, 2003

Peter Innis, a commercial fisherman from Portland, described the National Marine Fisheries Service as “terrorists,” who are out to destroy Maine’s groundfishing fleet.

During a public hearing Thursday on proposals that are now being considered for the implementation of stricter fishing rules in the Gulf of Maine, Innis compared the federal agency to the al-Qaida terrorists’ network, saying the agency’s interpretation of the Sustainable Fisheries Act is as misguided as a terrorist’s interpretation of the Koran.

“There’s no common ground with terrorists,” Innis told members of the New England Fisheries Management Council (NEFMC) as dozens of fishermen applauded his comments. “This is a good law, but there are some who are reading and interpreting this as a way to destroy you. There is a certain sector of people who are reading the law only to support their own agenda.”

Thursday’s meeting in Portland was the fourth in a series of public hearings on four proposals that the council is now considering for the implementation of Amendment 13, an addendum to the Sustainable Fisheries Act.

Read Complete Article: NMFS-10-03

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