Wanna feel really good?

How can a package of Hostess Twinkies make a difference in the life of a kid who is struggling against all odds?

Well, here’s your chance to find out.

On Friday we learned that Interstate Brands Corp. (IBC), the makers of Hostess Twinkies and other well-known snack foods, would be liquidating all of its assets. It’s tough news, especially when considering that roughly 18,000 people across the country are now unemployed.

This news hit us especially hard in Biddeford, where IBC operated one of their newest production facilities. Roughly 400 workers in York County are now looking for another job.

I managed to scoff one of the last remaining packages of Twinkies that were produced at the Biddeford plant. The store is located less than a half mile from where striking workers were still picketing on Friday afternoon. I wanted to grab a piece of history.

So, how do we make this bad news into a bit of good news?

Many of you know that my wife Laura works for the Maine Department of Health & Human Services as a child protective worker. Each year the DHHS workers in York County run a charitable program that is designed to make the holidays just a little bit brighter for kids who are in state custody.

Santa’s Cause is operated entirely by volunteer DHHS workers in York County. Every year, these DHHS workers give up their time and donate money to make sure kids in state care can share in some of the joy we all take for granted this time of year.

Although there are several good programs that help make holidays brighter for needy children, many of the kids in state custody are older kids (adolescents and teenagers) who are often left behind or overlooked by programs such as Toys for Tots.

Each year, our family shops for some of these older kids. Their wish lists are minimal. Last year we learned there was a 15-year-old girl in York County who would probably not see any presents on Christmas morning. Her entire wish list? A pink sweater and a curling iron.

It’s amazing how far you can stretch a donation of just $10.

There are many causes and worthwhile charitable organizations competing for a dwindling pool of charitable resources.

So here’s my idea, and I hope you will consider participating.

I am coordinating an informal, online auction for this last remaining package of Twinkies. All the proceeds will be donated to Santa’s Cause.

Here is an opportunity for you to own one of the few remaining pieces of an American era; a piece of history that was cherished by generations of Americans who recall the unique and guilty pleasure of indulging in something so sinful as a package of creme-filled Twinkies.

How much would you pay for this piece of history? $10, $20, $100, $10,000? Remember, it takes only $10 to make a big difference on Christmas morning; $20 means two kids in state custody will feel a small measure of love and compassion; $50 means we can share that feeling with five kids; you get the idea.

How much can we raise? It starts with you.

7 thoughts on “Wanna feel really good?

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  2. I can’t top that this year, but I will donate to Santa’s Clause! And I’d be happy to host a teen for the holidays to get him or her out of a group home for winter vacation, since we are currently foster-free.


    • Thank you to all who have taken bids on this amazing confection..lol. And an even bigger “Thank You” to all of you that care about our kids and teens in the foster care system as well as our community children in need. Randy, Gina, Grady’s, Rebecca and to all who donate (no amount is too small!) – these children will feel your kindness and generosity on Christmas morning! You will be responsible for a lot of smiles! Robin ~ Santa’s Cause, Inc.


  3. I am opening the bidding with a bid of $100 because I believe in supporting Santa’s Cause and the DHHS personnel who volunteer to distribute gifts to the needy kids in York County. Makes me feel the Christmas spirit to contribute to this wonderful effort.


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